Sunday Funday

On our first day here, some of us took a pact to take a day off every week: Sunday funday! (If the weather is bad one Sunday we can do a Monday funday instead – it still rhymes). Yesterday most of us hiked near the Rob Roy glacier and got some great views. Here are some pictures from the day.


Getting to the hike itself was an adventure. We had to ford about 8 streams in our cars.


View from the beginning of the trail (or track, as they say here in NZ). The hike mostly followed this river. We could already see the glacier in the distance.


Looking back at the valley


The lower viewpoint


Part of the group (Carolyn, Jimmy, McBride, and Brent) on the way to the upper viewpoint


The upper viewpoint, where we had lunch


Relaxing at the top


Alan had four cameras with him. He said he’d “only take 500 or 1000” photos that one day.


Brent tried to find a more comfortable rock


A waterfall coming off the glacier. There were a couple more but I didn’t manage to get a good photo of all of them.


Looking at the valley on our way down


One of many fields of sheep along the road to the hike




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